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CSI works collaboratively with industry leaders and independently on sustainability initiatives. CSI's sustainability focus is on the following 6 R's:


Using less petroleum-based virgin materials by recycling


Designing more energy-efficient and greener solutions

  • Carbon footprint reduction 
  • Material source reduction 
  • Landfill waste reduction 
  • Resource conservation 
  • Energy reduction


Eliminating less environmentally attractive additives and ingredients from products and packaging

  • CSI closures are non-BPA 
  • CSI closures contain no phthalates 
  • CSI closures contain no PVC


Focusing on education regarding materials and solutions that enhance our sustainability

  • Post consumer recycled HDPE & PP
  • Bio-resin & bio-fillers 
  • Mineral fillers


Ensuring our actions make financial sense and create economic value for society


Recognizing that in addition to respecting the earth, we must respect and reach out to people and communities to optimize social sustainability

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