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Spindle Exchange Program
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Spindle Exchange Program

Closure Systems International's Spindle Exchange Program provides preventive spindle maintenance to maximize bottling efficiency and reduce customer's total cost of operations.

By enrolling in CSI's Spindle Exchange Program, a bottling plant's capping spindles will be exchanged for CSI factory reconditioned spindles on a regular basis by qualified CSI Field Service Representatives, ensuring peak operational efficiency.

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Product Detail

  • CSI manages the scheduled rebuild of your capper's spindles
  • Exchange intervals determined based on bottling line volumes and usage
  • Spindles maintained, adjusted, and precisely calibrated to fit the bottler's specific line conditions
  • CSI qualified technicians provide process assurance with expert services, customer training, and equipment set-up
  • CSI spindles included in the Exchange Program:
    • Series 200E spindles
    • Upgraded Series 200 spindles
    • Delta IV spindles
  • Reduces plant maintenance and allows maintenance personnel to be re-allocated
  • Reduces the bottling plant's local spare parts inventories
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Improves application performance
  • Increases line efficiency
  • Ensures up-to-date design enhancements, product improvements, and functionality
  • Eliminates future replacement cost of spindle wear components
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