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Product Stewardship

We utilize a comprehensive lifecycle view and consider circular principles in product research and development.

Product Stewardship

Design & Raw Materials

Material Reduction

  • Reduced closure diameter and neck finish which saves resin for bottle and closure
  • Reduced material by eliminating liner (one-piece vs two-piece closures) and part weight reduction

Recycled material

  • CSI’s PolyCycle® PCR 
    Resin uses a proprietary process to ensure the organoleptic performance of our closures is equal to that of virgin resin and outperforms standard PCR
  • Capable of up to 100% content for food grade and non-food grade applications

Bio feedstock

  • Offers plant-based resins, including 100% plant-based closures



  • Up to 40% freight improvement due to packaging efficiencies through stacking


Flip Top closures

  • Developing next generation of flip top offerings which ensures closure stays with bottle for recycling
  • Meets requirements of potential legislation

Tethered closures

  • Developed manufacturing-friendly, consumer-friendly tethered closure which assures closures are recycled with bottles

Disposal / Recovery


  • All closures are 100% recyclable*

Research & Development: Innovation Capabilities

At CSI, R&D is a crucial component of innovation and a key factor in developing new competitive advantages. CSI follows a disciplined New Product Development process, utilizes a creative space for ideation known as Studio C and provides differentiated technology platforms known as Studio C Creations.

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