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EO-Lok mini 26mm
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EO-Lok mini 26mm

Closure Systems lnternational's EO-Lok mini 26mm is a two-piece flip top design that is ideal for consumers of ambient-filled food products, such as edible oils, vinegar, sauces and spices.

EO-Lok mini 26mm provides best-in-class closure performance, excellent consumer satisfaction and total systems support.

Excellent Performance

  • Compatible with the 26.21 Engepack bottle finish
  • Snap on design for efficient and effective application
  • Suitable for ambient and cold-fill processing
  • Secure linerless seal design

Consumer Satisfaction

  • Sleek, low profile flip top design
  • Visual, audible and tactile tamper evidence assuring product integrity
  • One-hand opening for convenience while cooking
  • Pouring lip designed to offer non-drip dispensing
  • Insert regulates product flow to meet consumer pouring preference
  • Securely recloses to prevent unwanted leaks

Total Capping Solutions

  • Closures, capping equipment and unmatched technical service
  • Robust application performance
  • Application engineering expertise that delivers the lowest total cost of operations

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Product Detail

Markets Served


Application/Fill Processes


Material Types

Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene

Closure Diameters


Bottle Finishes

2621 Engepack

Bottle/Package Types

Plastic Non-Returnable Bottles

Seal Types


Tamper Evidence

Tear Strip

Brand Names

EO-Lok mini

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