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Double-Lok 28mm Plastic Closure
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Double-Lok 28mm

Closure Systems International’s unique patented Double-Lok tamper band design provides the highest level of tamper evidence available in the carbonated soft drink industry.

When consumers open a Double-Lok closure, they hear, see, and feel band separation, providing maximum assurance. Brand owners also appreciate that Double-Lok protects the authenticity and integrity of their products.

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Product Detail

Primary Market Segments Served

Beer/Malt Beverages, Bottled Water, Non Carbonated Soft Drinks, Liquor, Wine, Automotive Fluids

Application/Fill Processes

Cold/Ambient-Fill, Carbonated

Material Types


Closure Diameters


Bottle Finishes

1810, 1815, 1816, 1817, 1820, 1823, MCA-1, MCA-2, MCA-3, 1655, 459, 1626

Bottle/Package Types

Plastic Non-Returnable Bottles, Plastic Returnable Bottles, Glass Non-Returnable Bottles, Glass Returnable Bottles

Knurl Options

60, 120

Seal Types

Two-Piece Lined

Tamper Evidence

Tamper Evident Band - Standard

Brand Names



Also available in 38mm diameter

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Additional Details

Superior Performance

Tamper Evidence

  • Patented tab tamper band design for the ultimate in tamper evidence
  • High level of audio, visual, and tactile cues of band breakage and separation from the closure
  • Provides consumer a sense of security that package safety has not been compromised
  • Protects product integrity and authenticity

Opening / Resealing Performance

  • Preserves freshness and product life with both top and side seals
  • Universal design effectively seals both PET and glass packaging
  • Provides consistent removal torques
  • Qualified for up to 2.25 liters of product and up to 5 volumes of pressure
  • Available in both standard (28mm) and wide diameter (38mm) sizes

Designed to Drive Sales

  • Image appeal
    • Wide range of colors available to attract consumers
    • Printing graphics capabilities for decorating closure top
  • Promotional capability
    • Under-the-cap printing availability
    • Marketing expertise to help you develop effective promotional programs
    • 100% promotion capable manufacturing to insure product availability when you need it
  • Helps build sales and market share

Total Closure & Capping Systems Solutions

  • In addition to quality closures, CSI provides capping equipment and unparalleled customer and technical service, globally.
  • CSI's closure systems solutions help customers maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations.

Research & Development: Innovation Capabilities

At CSI, R&D is a crucial component of innovation and a key factor in developing new competitive advantages. CSI follows a disciplined New Product Development process, utilizes a creative space for ideation known as Studio C and provides differentiated technology platforms known as Studio C Creations.

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