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CSI VK900 Bottle Capper Headset
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VK900 Headsets

The VK900 bottle capper headset is Closure Systems International's tried-and-tested standard headset for aluminum roll-on closures.

A customizable configuration of two flange and two thread rollers ensures optimum sealing efficiency. The head's slim construction makes it suitable for use even on small-pitch machines.

Reliable & Simple

  • Fast and simple control of side pressure using easy-access adjuster nuts
  • Exactly coordinated leverages allow very small side pressure
  • All bearings are fitted with replaceable bushings for easy replacement
  • Two variable thread rollers and two adjustable flange rollers ensure uniform lateral forces, enabling the thread to be rolled out with maximized precision
  • Tracer pin (safety plunger) prevents the roller arms engaging if there is no closure present
  • NO LUBRICATION required. No grease point!
  • Maintenance-free ejector reduces stress, extending the maintenance intervals
  • 100% stainless steel


  • The centering bell to prevent skewed closures is suitable for all types of aluminum closures
  • Can be used on all CSI capping machines
  • Roller arms have pre-adjusted factory settings specific to the closure being applied
  • Roller arms are mutually interchangeable
  • Versatile closure-specific head pressures ranging from 500 to 3,400 N
  • Standard 90mm diameter slim-line construction can be used even with small-pitch machines
  • Variations of the VK900 are available for aluminum special closures

Unmatched Technical Support / Application Expertise!

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Product Detail


Beverages, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluid, Personal Care, Home Care, and Custom Applications

Filling Processes

Cold/Ambient-Fill, Hot-Fill

Closure Types

Aluminum Roll-On Closures

Bottle Types

Plastic, Glass


Standard on CSI Mechanical Cappers; Retrofittable on All Capper Brands

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