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CSI Flex-Chuck
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Closure Systems International's Flex-Chuck delivers beverage bottling operator a single-chuck solution that maximizes uptime and throughput, improves capping application performance, and reduces the bottler's total cost of operations.

Flex-Chuck Features

  • Versatile Design Eliminates Most Chuck Changes
    • Designs for 28mm and 38mm closures
    • Adapts to multiple knurls: 24, 24/120, 60, and 120
    • Compatible with cold-fill and hot-fill processes
    • Reduces need for design-specific chuck inventory
    • Eliminates chuck changes during package changeovers
    • Applies most closure designs / knurls for a specific bottle finish
    • Interchangeable with existing chuck / headset designs
  • Hardened stainless steel for increased wear resistance

Flex Chuck Benefits

  • Improves Capping Application, Reduces Closure Mis-application
    • Patent-pending design automatically adjusts to accommodate closure diameter variations
    • Innovative grip mechanism adapts to all standard knurl patterns
    • Chuck segments flex as closure sidewalls change shape during application
    • Adapts to lightweight closures that can deform during application
    • Shoulder style design allows precise closure seating
    • Flexible jaw design flexes during application to adapt to closure / bottle dimensional variation
  • Improves Removal Torque Performance
  • Lengthens Maintenance Period Intervals, Reducing Costs
  • Available for All CSI Cappers; Adaptable for Other Capper Suppliers Upon Request

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Product Detail

Markets Served

Beverages, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluids, Personal Care, Home Care, and Custom Applications

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