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CSI Series 8000 Capper Bottle Capping Machine
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Series 8000 Capper

Closure Systems International’s Series 8000 capping machines are specifically engineered for aseptic filling and ultra clean applications.

These cappers incorporate full stainless steel construction and the most advanced corrosion-resistant materials. The open design facilitates cleaning and rinsing to optimize hygiene levels.

Series 8000 machines are fully metric, perfect for global use and are suitable for plastic and aluminum caps.

High Performance Features for "Aseptic" Capping

  • Full stainless steel construction to prevent corrosion
  • Open design for ease of cleaning and 100% rinsing
  • Pick station drive unit designed with sloping surfaces and lubricant-free hybrid bearings to maintain cleanliness
  • Pick station provides precision closure delivery with minimal contact points to improve hygiene
  • Lubrication free spindles utilizing state of the art materials and design technologies to provide extended and predictable maintenance intervals of 4,500 hours
  • Headsets specifically developed for aseptic capping and complete rinsing with consistent application and torque control
  • CSI Cap-in-Head technology assures proper closure placement at high speeds for optimized cap application
  • High throughput at 42 BPM / 2,520 BPH per head
  • Direct integration with any filler
  • Independent headset drive option
  • Flexible design suitable for a wide range of plastic and aluminum closure types, with multiple thread profile options
  • Quick-change features for improved efficiency

Related Series 8000 Models

  • Series 8000 NoLub: Includes a pre-lubricated spindle, with permanently greased and sealed off bearing; these do not require any lubrication over a 6,000h maintenance window
  • Series 8000 Classic: Offers enhanced cleaning capability versus Series 8000 NoLub

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Product Detail

Markets Served

Beverages - Including Aseptic, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluid, Personal Care, Home Care, and Custom Applications

Filling Process Compatibility

Aseptic-Fill, Cold/Ambient-Fill, Hot-Fill

Closure Type Compatibility

Plastic Flat/Screw Caps, Sports Caps, Snap Caps, Aluminum Roll-On Closures, Aluminum Screw Caps

Closure Diameter Compatibility

20mm - 50mm Standard, Custom Options

Bottle Type Compatibility

Plastic, Glass, Aluminum

Equipment Speed

42 BPM / 2,520 BPH per Head, 4 to 36 Heads Available

Capper Type Options

Freestanding and Modular Turrets

Lubrication Options

Automatic, Manual, or Lube-Free Options

Other Options

Independent Headset Drives, Multiple Thread Profiles, Dual Track Cam, Quick Change Technology

Purchase Requests or Questions?

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