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CSI Series 200 Capper Bottle Capping Machine
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Series 200 Capper

Closure Systems International’s Series 200 bottle cappers are the ultimate for aluminum roll-on applications.

CSI's custom-engineered and precision built Series 200 cappers have been the preferred choice of the beverage and beer industry for decades.

Industry’s Best  TSROPP Performance

  • Two cams provide independent control of top seal and thread forming, allowing precise control for specialty aluminum / roll-on packaging
  • Perfect for roll-on closures requiring top/side sealing
  • Robust, durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Corrosion-resistant materials in product zone; full stainless steel option
  • Direct integration with any filler: various custom drive systems and pitch diameters to match filler, sorter and other bottling line equipment choices
  • Open design for ease of cleaning
  • Easy removal spindle assembles for quick maintenance
  • Industry leader in Alumitec Application

High-Speed, Consistent Application

  • Industry-leading throughput at 50 BPM / 3,000 BPH per head
  • Proven headset designs for highly consistent application

Unmatched Technical Support / Application Expertise!

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Product Detail

Markets Served

Beverages / Beer and Custom Applications

Filling Process Compatibility

Cold/Ambient-Fill, Hot-Fill

Closure Type Compatibility

Aluminum Roll-On Closures and Crowns

Closure Diameter Compatibility

28mm & 38mm

Bottle Type Compatibility

Plastic, Glass, Aluminum

Equipment Speed

50 BPM / 3,000 BPH per Head, 4 to 36 Heads Available

Capper Type Options

Freestanding and Modular Turrets

Lubrication Options

Manual Lubrication

Other Options

Full Stainless Steel Construction

Purchase Requests or Questions?

Research & Development: Innovation Capabilities

At CSI, R&D is a crucial component of innovation and a key factor in developing new competitive advantages. CSI follows a disciplined New Product Development process, utilizes a creative space for ideation known as Studio C and provides differentiated technology platforms known as Studio C Creations.

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