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CSI Intelli-Torq Capper Bottle Capping Machine
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Intelli-Torq Servo Capper

Closure Systems International's Intelli-Torq Servo cappers set the standard for plastic closure application quality control, guaranteeing safer and more efficient production.

These cappers incorporate full stainless steel construction and have an open design that facilitates cleaning and rinsing.

CSI's Intelli-Torq Servo Cappers are also fully metric, perfect for global use.

Intelligent Capping for Maximum Efficiency

  • Pre-set application recipes
  • In-line quality control for product assurance and proof that only perfect products leave production lines
  • Computer-controlled capping with monitoring of application torques and angles
  • Application torques documented on a continual basis
  • Detection and removal of defective product, minimizing risk of product liability claims
  • Data storage
  • Highest quality assurance, control and cost savings

Reliable & Robust

  • Robust, durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Full stainless steel construction to prevent corrosion
  • Stationary servo motors and controls
  • Industry-leading throughput at 50 BPM / 3,000 BPH per head
  • CSI Cap-in-Head technology assures proper closure placement at high speeds
  • Direct integration with any filler
  • Flexible control system for multiple applications

Easy, Quick Maintenance

  • Fully washable, open design for ease of cleaning
  • Lubrication-free option

Unmatched Technical Support / Application Expertise!

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Product Detail

Markets Served

Beverages - Including Aseptic, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluid, Personal Care, Home Care, and Custom Applications

Filling Process Compatibility

Aseptic-Fill, Cold/Ambient-Fill, Hot-Fill

Closure Type Compatibility

Plastic Flat/Screw Caps, Sports Caps

Closure Diameter Compatibility

20mm - 50mm Standard, Custom Options

Bottle Type Compatibility

Plastic, Glass

Equipment Speed

50 BPM / 3,000 BPH per Head, 4 to 36 Heads Available

Capper Type Options

Freestanding and Modular Turrets

Lubrication Options

Automatic, Manual, or Lube-Free Options

Other Options

Multiple Thread Profiles, Quick-Change Technology

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