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CSI JetFlow Cap Handling System
CSI JetFlow Cap Handling System
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JetFlow Airvey Feeder

Closure Systems International's JetFlow is a bulk closure feed system that automatically conveys plastic, aluminum, or crown closures to remote sorters.

The system delivers closures in a controlled, continuous manner and eliminates manual filling of closure sorters.

This easy-to-use, flexible system boosts productivity, helping bottlers maximize their total cost of operations.

JetFlow High Performance Features & Benefits

  • Configured to suit bottler's individual operation
    • Best combination for rotary sorters
    • With cap conveying chutes, unit can be located up to 200 feet away from the production floor / capper, keeping closures clean and dry
    • Can simultaneously feed multiple cappers
  • Made of easy-to-clean stainless steel
  • Clear Lexan top doors, allowing operators to see when refilling is needed
  • Cyclone Decelerator, designed to gently handle plastic closures
    • 18 inch height x 21 inch diameter
    • 6 inch discharge chute
  • Markets Served: Beverages, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluids, Personal Care, Home Care, and Custom Applications

Optional Features

  • JetFlow Heater: a custom designed unit for acclimatizing closures for cold season capping; warms closures prior to application to maximize application performance
  • In-Line Diverter: to feed multipe cappers at the same time; includes a straight-through chute with one chute at 25° angle and a second cyclone decelerator and fiber optics

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Product Detail

Markets Served

Beverages, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluids, Personal Care, Home Care, and Custom Applications

Material Types

Can be custom configured for any closures

Closure Diameters

Can be custom configured for any closures

Equipment Speed Rating

Custom speed available

Purchase Requests or Questions?

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