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Is CSI both a plastic closure manufacturer and an aluminum closure manufacturer / supplier?

Yes. CSI manufactures and sells both plastic and aluminum closures.

Is CSI both a closure manufacturer and a capping equipment manufacturer / supplier?

Yes. CSI manufactures and sells closures and the capping equipment that applies closures. CSI also provides expert technical support.

What is the lead time for ordering closures?

Lead times can vary by product and by region - please contact customer service in your region for any specific questions regarding lead times.

Does CSI sell capping equipment spare parts? What is the lead time for spare parts?

Yes. CSI supplies capping equipment spare parts. Lead times vary and will be given at the time the order is placed. Many parts are kept in inventory for same day shipment.

What is the minimum order quantity for closures?

For most standard closure profiles, the minimum order quantity is one pallet, but please call with specific requests.

Do you have a distributor for small quantities?

CSI works with a number of distributors around the world which supply customers desiring small quantities. Please submit a web inquiry or phone the regional CSI sales office for distributor contact information.

I would like to be able to track the delivery of my closure orders online. Is that possible?

Yes. It is possible if you order through, which can be accessed in the header of this website.

What are your stock / standard closure colors?

Colors are typically made to order, however, CSI does keep some stock closures in limited colors such as white and blue for popular profiles.

Are closures recyclable?

Yes. CSI's closure products are recyclable. Because many of our two piece closures are made of more than one material, and given the strict FDA and other governmental approvals required for recycled materials, the caps are often recycled into non-food contact applications rather than direct food contact applications. The recycling resin identifier code varies depending on the raw materials used to make specific closure profiles. For instance, the recycling code for Polypropylene is 5, while the code for HDPE is 2.

CSI encourages consumers to replace the cap on the bottle prior to recycling, as municipal recycling centers sometimes do not want to process single closures. Recycling of closures often occurs as a result of the bottle recycling process, which is why it is important to make sure the closures are placed back on the bottles prior to recycling.

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