Line Efficiency Improvement Program

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Closure Systems International continues to offer innovative new technical services with a goal of maximizing overall bottling line efficiencies. In response to market demands, CSI developed a comprehensive and powerful analytical tool called LEIP: Line Efficiency Improvement Program.

CSI's LEIP program is designed to find and correct bottlenecks and identify improvement areas by analyzing critical interactions of the bottling line from beginning to end.

CSI LEIP Program Highlights

  • Each stage of the bottling line is examined by CSI technical experts to identify efficiency improvement opportunities
  • Following a five-step protocol, experienced CSI technicians videotape each stage of the production line for analysis and review, including:
    ✓ Depalletizers ✓ Warmers
    ✓ Conveyors ✓ Labelers
    ✓ Rinsers ✓ Case Packers
    ✓ Fillers ✓ Palletizers
    ✓ Cappers ✓ Etc.
  • Individual process footage is edited and combined into a multi-screened "master" video, displaying events as they occur simultaneously
  • Root causes of bottling line constraints are identified
  • Corrective actions and recommendations provided to clients, including financial cost savings estimates
  • CSI's team of experts help develop new SOPs and resolve mechanical problems

CSI LEIP Program Benefits

  • Peak bottling line efficiency
  • Optimized overall asset utilization
  • Reduced total cost of operations

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