CSI Under-the-Cap Promotion Capabilities

CSI Under the Cap Promotions

CSI offers Under-the-Cap (UTC) promotion printing using multiple technologies, depending on your specific needs.

Laser UTC Promos

  • Inkless laser marking ideal for unlined and lined closure promos
  • Sharp graphics, line art, and alpha-numeric character delivery
  • Unlimited variable messaging at customer-defined ratios
  • Text set in a straight line or on a curve
  • Compatible with PP and HDPE materials
  • FDA compliant

Video Jet UTC Promos

  • Proven high speed technology
  • Alpha-numeric messaging
  • Random messaging available
  • Four format options let you maximize line/character spacing

Reliable, Secure and On-Time

  • CSI's skilled Promotions and Manufacturing Teams provide:
    ✓ Assistance with event creation and logistics
    ✓ Real-time tracking and promo execution monitoring
    ✓ Maximum security to protect high value promotions
    ✓ Process control
    ✓ What you want, when you want it