ScanCap - Turn Your Brand into a Digital Experience!

CSI ScanCap Bottle Cap Promotions
  • Load ScanLife Code Reader App from the App Store on your mobile device or click on the following link:
  • Scan the code printed under the cap in the photo to the left
  • Read content on your mobile device to learn more about ScanCap
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ScanCap™ incorporates a ScanLife 2D barcode (a small QR code) on the inside or outside of the beverage or food closure. The code can be printed as small as 1/2 inch.

Consumers can read the code instantly with ScanLife's powerful scanning app on millions of smart phones available in the market today.

This technology introduces a powerful platform to support a brand owner's mobile marketing activities right from the package itself.

ScanCap Brand Owner Benefits

  • Direct, real-time cost consumer interaction at the point of consumption
    ✓ Dynamic, targeted interaction based on data such as location, usage history, etc.
    ✓ Increased purchasing and brand loyalty
  • Access to ScanLife's platform and backend services
    ✓ Rich consumer demographics and intelligence
    ✓ Code security and authenticity assured
    ✓ Centralized platform for code management

ScanCap Consumer Benefits

  • Simple, easy, quick usage experience
    ✓ Purchase package with 2D barcode printed under or on top of the cap
    ✓ Open ScanLife app on mobile device and scan 2D barcode
    ✓ Content delivered to mobile device in seconds
  • Instant communication and gratification at point of consumption
  • Can also use cell phone camera and texting or computer camera and internet

On Trend, Global Popularity

  • Smart phone penetration is high and increasing
  • ScanLife has been preloaded on 40+ million handsets worldwide and has received over 20 million downloads
  • Mobile QR Code use is growing by the minute
  • From 2011-2012 there was a 100% increase in scans - more than 60 million in 2012!
  • Active users increased 85% from 2011 to 2012
  • 120 scans per minute
  • 128 countries on average scan a day
  • 50%+ of businesses are already activating 2D codes for marketing purposes