Sport Twist 38mm

Versatile High Performance Sports Cap

  • Markets Served:

    Non Carbonated Soft Drinks, Bottled Water

  • Application/Fill Processes:


  • Material Types:

    Polyethylene, Polypropylene

  • Closure Diameters:


  • Bottle Finishes:

    1843, 1845

  • Bottle/Package Types:

    Plastic Non-Returnable Bottles

  • Knurl Options:


  • Seal Types:

    Linerless, Foil Induction Seal

  • Tamper Evidence:

    Tamper Evident Band - Standard

  • Brand Names:


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Closure Systems lnternational's Sport Twist 38mm closure has a twist-to-open drinking spout that is ideal for active, on-the-go consumers of hot-filled non-carbonated beverages, such as sports drinks and functional waters.

Specifically engineered to protect the integrity of your non-pressurized beverage, Sport Twist 38mm delivers unparalleled closure performance, consumer satisfaction, and total systems support.

Excellent Performance

  • Compatible with 38mm 1843 and 1845 bottle finishes
  • Safe sealing for e-walls between 0.083" and 0.100"
  • Suitable for hot-fill processing up to 185° F
  • Linerless seal on drinking spout/mouthpiece
  • Securely reseals to prevent leaks
  • Foil induction-seal for secure tamper evidence
  • No steam application improves capping efficiency

Designed to Drive Sales

  • Engineered for consumer satisfaction
    • Thirst-quenching liquid flow rate
    • Optimally shaped mouthpiece/spout for drinking comfort
    • Quick to twist open and close
    • Easy to access while on-the-go
    • Drinking spout closes with audible click to indicate secure reseal
    • Lift & peel foil seal design for ease of opening
  • Point-of-purchase impact & differentiation
    • Vivid, customized closure colors
    • Mix & match shell and mouthpiece colors for optimal branding
    • Branding & promotion capability on printed foil seal

Total Closure & Capping System Solutions

  • Closures, capping equipment, and unmatched technical service
  • Robust application performance
  • Application engineering expertise that delivers the lowest total cost of operations
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