Omni-Lok mini™ 28mm

Plastic Closures for Carbonated Soft Drinks, Bottled Water

  • Primary Market Segments Served:

    Carbonated Soft Drinks, Bottled Water

  • Application/Fill Processes:

    Cold/Ambient-Fill, Carbonated

  • Material Types:


  • Closure Diameters:


  • Bottle Finishes:


  • Bottle/Package Types:

    Plastic Non-Returnable Bottles

  • Knurl Options:

    24, 60, 120, 24/120

  • Seal Types:

    One-Piece Linerless

  • Tamper Evidence:

    Tamper Evident Band - Standard

  • Brand Names:

    Omni, mini™

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Omni-Lok mini is a versatile, linerless closure that is part of a total packaging solution for carbonated and sparkling beverages.

Engineered for lightweight PET bottle finishes, Omni-Lok mini enables beverage bottlers to reduce packaging materials and cost of operations while delivering superior seal integrity across the widest range of temperature cycling conditions. The easy-opening short height profile features proven sensory characteristics that assure consumer acceptance.

With Omni-Lok mini, bottlers realize maximum value which drives bigger profits.

Reduces Packaging Cost of Operations

  • Lightweight, linerless closure engineered for reduced height PET bottle finishes
  • Suitable for 250ml – 2.5 liter package size range
  • Superior application performance
  • Quick-change capper conversions
  • Dependable, global CSI field service and application engineering coverage

Enhances Seal Integrity & Package Security

  • “OmniSeal” design delivers maximum CO2 retention and seal integrity under all environmental conditions
  • 4.3 volumes CO2 maximum
  • Patented “bead behind the wing” tamper band
  • Organoleptic material meets all sensory protocol

Drives Brand Sales

  • Ergonomic knurl pattern options ensure easy opening convenience
  • Available in a wide range of shell colors for consumer appeal
  • Graphic print capabilities for eye-catching closure top decoration
  • Emboss capability
  • Laser-Marking (inkless) promotional capability
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