Sports-Lok 26mm

Plastic Closures for Bottled Water

  • Primary Market Segments Served:

    Bottled Water

  • Application/Fill Processes:


  • Material Types:

    Polypropylene, Polyethylene

  • Closure Diameters:


  • Bottle Finishes:


  • Bottle/Package Types:

    Plastic Non-Returnable Bottles

  • Seal Types:

    One-Piece Linerless

  • Tamper Evidence:

    Tamper Evident Band - Standard

  • Brand Names:


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Quick, convenient and ideal for on-the-go consumption, Closure Systems International's Sports-Lok is the ultimate water closure system for sports enthusiasts, travelers and school children alike.

Specifically engineered to protect the integrity of your non-carbonated water product, Sports-Lok is the push-pull closure of choice, delivering unparalleled closure performance, precise product specifications, and total systems support.

Efficient Packaging

  • Fits standard 26.7mm / 1844 PET bottle finish
  • Triple-lead design for shorter, lighter-weight packaging versus 28mm and 30.25mm designs
  • No plastic overwrap required, nor overwrap application equipment
  • Improved line efficiency

Excellent Tamper Evidence and Seal Performace

  • Dual tamper evident protection
    ✓ Visual Evidence: dust cap and shell tamper bands
    ✓ Audible Evidence: breaking of bands emit distinct sounds
    ✓ Tactile Evidence: secure feel upon first opening
  • Patented "bead behind the wing" tamper band technology for strong tamper resistance
  • Seal integrity in a linerless design for non-pressurized bottled water / beverages
    ✓ Linerless seal on both shell and tip
    ✓ No liner odor, taste, or fallout

Designed to Drive Sales

  • Engineered for consumer satisfaction
    ✓ Optimized water flow rate
    ✓ Curved tip design for orthodontic comfort
    ✓ Quick to open
    ✓ Easy to access while on-the-go
    ✓ Tip closes with audible click to prevent spills and leaks
    ✓ Snap on dust cover for resealing & sanitation
  • Point-of-purchase impact
    ✓ Vivid closure colors
    ✓ Clear dust cover with printing options

Total Closure & Capping Systems Solutions

  • In addition to quality closures, CSI provides capping equipment and unparalleled customer and technical service, globally.
  • CSI's closure systems solutions help customers maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations.

CSI recommends that a warning label be used on all packages capped with closures of this type. Attached is the label design CSI developed from consultation and consumer research.

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