Aqua-Max 30/25mm

Plastic Closures for Bottled Water

  • Primary Market Segments Served:

    Bottled Water

  • Application/Fill Processes:


  • Material Types:


  • Closure Diameters:


  • Bottle Finishes:

    30/25 Haute

  • Bottle/Package Types:

    Plastic Non-Returnable Bottles

  • Seal Types:

    One-Piece Linerless

  • Tamper Evidence:

    Tamper Evident Band - Advanced (Band Break Before Seal Loss)

  • Brand Names:


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Closure Systems International’s Aqua-Max 30/25mm closure provides improved economics without sacrificing performance. Aqua-Max 30/25mm provides tamper evidence prior to seal release for maximum product security, and the HDPE material provides excellent taste and odor characteristics.

Aqua-Max 30/25mm economically delivers with performance!

Efficient, Sustainable Packaging

  • One-piece linerless closure for non-pressurized bottled water
  • Compatible with standard 30/25 haute / high profile bottle finish
  • Efficient design for improved packaging economics / profits
  • Material source reduction for improved sustainability
  • Easy to recycle

Excellent Performance

  • Extended plug seal for sealing performance and advanced tamper evidence, providing band break prior to seal loss
  • Nib style band provides security and easy application
  • Triple-lead thread design for quick, easy-opening and re-sealing convenience
  • HDPE material for bottled water organoleptic performance
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with embossing option

Total Closure & Capping Systems Solutions

  • In addition to quality closures, CSI provides capping equipment and unparalleled customer and technical service, globally.
  • CSI's closure systems solutions help customers maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations.
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