Headsets and Chucks

  • CSI XT6 Bottle Capper Headset
  • XT6 Headsets

    XT6 Headsets offer a proven heavy-duty design with reliable performance, even under extreme operating conditions

    • Lowest Maintenance Cost
    • High-Speed, Efficient, Consistent Application
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  • HT6 Bottle Capping Headset
  • HT6 Headsets

    HT6 Headset is specifically designed for unique specialty applications that are very sensitive to torque variations

    • Improved Application Torque Consistency
    • Low Maintenance Cost
    • Durable Corrosion Resistant Design
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  • CSI VK138 Bottle Capper Headset
  • VK138 Headsets

    A customizable configuration of two flange and two thread rollers ensures optimum sealing efficiency.

    • Reliable & Simple
    • Versatility
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  • CSI VK900 Bottle Capper Headset
  • VK900 Headsets

    The VK900 bottle capper headset is CSI's tried-and-tested standard headset for aluminum roll-on closures.

    • Reliable & Simple
    • No Lubrication Required
    • Versatility
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  • CSI Flex-Chuck
  • Flex-Chuck

    Flex-Chuck automatically self-adjusts to accommodate closure diameter variations

    • Applies Most Closure Variations
    • Interchangeable with Existing Chuck / Headset Designs
    • Increased Wear Resistance
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  • CSI Chucks
  • Standard Chucks

    Provides high-speed, efficient performance with precise, consistent application

    • Precision-Engineered Single Piece Design
    • Hardened Stainless Steel Construction
    • Available for All Flat and Sports Cap Designs
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