Cap Handling Systems

  • CSI Rotary Sorter
  • Rotary Sorters

    SV Series Rotary Sorters are simple to operate and keep your capping operation running smoothly.

    • Maximum versatility
    • Simple changeovers
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  • CSI ES24 Elevator Sorter Cap Handling System
  • ES24 Elevator Sorter

    ES24 Elevator Sorter provides the ultimate in reliable, high speed performance and low maintenance.

    • Highest sorting speed
    • Unsurpassed energy efficiency
    • Flexibility for multiple closure sizes
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  • CSI SE24 Elevator Sorter Cap Handling System
  • SE24 Elevator Sorter

    SE24 Elevator Sorter provides excellent reliability and quick, easy, low maintenance

    • Energy Efficient
    • Flexibility for Multiple Closure Sizes
    • Easy Maintenance
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  • CSI Closure Pre-Feeder Cap Handling System
  • Closure Pre-Feeder

    Closure elevator pre-feeders are designed to feed closures to sorters from the ground level

    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Custom Designed to Meet Any Delivery Rate
    • Custom Designed for Any Closure Size and Type
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  • CSI JetFlow Cap Handling System
  • JetFlow Airvey Feeder

    JetFlow is a bulk closure feed system that automatically conveys plastic, aluminum, or crown closures to remote sorters

    • Configured to Suit Bottler's Operation
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Clear Top Doors Allow Operators to See When Refill is Needed
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  • CSI JetFlow / Elevator Sorter Heater Cap Handling System
  • JetFlow / Elevator Sorter Heater

    CSI offers this heating system for acclimatizing closures for cold season capping

    • Reduces risk of broken tamper bands
    • Configured to suit bottler's individual operations
    • Provides maximum efficiency
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