Introducing PS-Lok V 38mm Hot-Fill Closures

PS-Lok V 38mm Hot-Fill Closure
INDIANAPOLIS - January 26, 2012 - Consumers, retailers, bottlers, and brand owners will all appreciate this new light-weight 38mm, one-piece closure design from Closure Systems International (CSI). PS-Lok V 38mm is a closure designed especially for hot-fill beverages such as sport drinks, functional waters, juices, and teas. The profile is suitable for both hot-fill with pasteurization and hot-fill with cooling filling processes.

The closure's robust seal helps prevent product spoilage and preserves brand integrity. Its unique venting feature allows excessive pressure from potential fermentation to vent, reducing blow-off risk to consumers if spoilage were to occur due to improper storage or handling throughout the supply chain. Also importantly, CSI's advanced band break before seal release tamper-evidence system is another consumer safety feature and provides visual evidence of product integrity. "Our one-piece PS-Lok V 38mm closures are not only designed to be light in weight, they are also precisely engineered with consumer safety and brand quality in mind," explained CSI Global Marketing Manager, Rodolfo Haenni.

In addition to greater safety, consumers will also appreciate the ease of opening and comfortable drinking experience that PS-Lok V 38mm provides. An optional feature of the PS-Lok V 38mm is a unique rinse hole design that allows product residue from the filling process to be sprayed off of the bottle finish and closure interior as they pass through the cooling or pasteurization tunnels. "The added rinsing capability of the closure provides a clean drinking surface for the consumer and less spoilage and retuned product for the retailer and bottler," said Haenni. Bottlers also benefit from this closure's favorable impact resistance and efficient ease of application.

Lastly, alternative material options are available for PS-Lok V 38mm depending on the specific needs of bottlers and brand owners. For instance, if a brand owner desires a higher clarity look for their closure, they may choose one material, while a different material may be more suitable for another brand owner or bottling system.

PS-Lok V 38mm is fully commercial and has already been adopted by a number of leading global beverage companies.